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Consultancy Veritas

At Consultancy Veritas, we understand the importance of professional certifications in the security industry. Our team of experienced mentors and subject matter experts. We are dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their professional aspirations in the field of international security certifications. With a focus on the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Physical Security Professional (PCI) exams offered by ASIS International, we provide comprehensive mentoring and guidance to ensure our clients achieve outstanding results.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional mentoring and support to individuals preparing for the International Certifications of ASIS, enabling them to excel in their careers and make a positive impact in the field of security.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the premier resource for preparation of International Certifications, known for our commitment to excellence, integrity, and unparalleled results. We aim to empower security professionals to reach their full potential and advance in their careers with confidence.



You gain access to peer networking, mentoring, educational tools and global resources



At Consultancy Veritas, we understand the importance of professional certifications in the security industry.


Successful Certifications

When you earn one of the international certifications you

Why Certify?

Become A Better Version Of Yourself

Certification is the formal attestation or confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, assessment, or audit. Accreditation is a specific organization's process of certification.

When you earn one of the international certification you:


  • Confirm: You are a leader and expert in your field
  • Differentiate: Yourself from other professionals for desirable opportunities
  • Validate: Your knowledge and skills gained through all your years of hard work
  • Access: You gain access to peer networking, mentoring, educational tools and global resources
  • Gain: You gear yourself with the power, education and networking system to face security threats head on
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Team Members.

Dr. Roopali Srivastava image

Dr. Roopali Srivastava

Project Head

She is a Certified Project Management Professional and specializes in project management training using application-based training modules for all the business verticals. Roopali has 20+ years of industrial project management and academia. Expert in project consulting, GAP analysis, and project management and process transformation, she’s currently associated with the ICFAI Business School Mumbai.

Ravi Chaudhary image

Ravi Chaudhary

Zonal Head

Col. Ravi Chaudhary is the Zonal Head Co-ordinator of Engineering Support, Welfare Organisation, Govt. of India with over 34 years of experience working at leadership positions in key operations such as Logistics, Infrastructure Development Transport, Public Relations, Resource Planning and Supply Chain management. He holds a MS degree in Labour law from the University of Baroda and an MBA from the National Education Management.

Sarita image


Cyber Security Officer

Wearing many hats Sarita is a Social Entrepreneur and a published Writer. A trained Cyber Security Intervention Officer, she has a knack for development and execution of social welfare projects. To create an aware generation she teaches responsible cyber use, to school-going children in the form of story workshops, making them aware of the negative influence and challenges posed by the ever-increasing exposure of social media and technology. Being an efficient manager and multi-tasker, she handles the operations for Consultancy Veritas.

Ajay Pandey image

Ajay Pandey


Captain Ajay Pandey, CPP, PCI, CFE, CII, is a retired Army officer, who joined the corporate sector after nine years of satisfying career in the Indian Army. He has 27 years of expertise in strategizing & managing the security of corporate & Industrial setups in India & abroad.


Our Happy Clients.

Col Snehal Rathore CPP quote icon
Support by Consultancy Veritas and mentorship by Capt Ajay was pivotal in my CPP preparation. His guidance and insights were invaluable, helping me clear the coveted exam and excel in my career. His teaching methods are unparalleled. The extensive question bank provided to us gives rigorous practice as well.
Col Snehal Rathore CPP image

Col Snehal Rathore CPP

Col Sumit Paliwal , CPP quote icon
Under the mentorship of Capt Ajay Pandey, I gained a deep understanding of the CPP curriculum. His vast experience and readiness to share his experiences add value to this mentoring program. His strategic approach and practical advice were instrumental in my success, and I’ve since progressed significantly in my professional journey.
Col Sumit Paliwal , CPP image

Col Sumit Paliwal , CPP

Lt Col Anurag Sengar, CPP quote icon
Happy to share this success and owe much of this to this well-curated study program developed by Capt Ajay Pandey, which gave me the right direction and sound base to take the final leap to clear CPP Certification. Apart from consistency and efforts in covering the course content, the discussions with the mentor during the review sessions set the right tone and pace. Grateful to you, Sir.
Lt Col Anurag Sengar, CPP image

Lt Col Anurag Sengar, CPP

GM, Security - Adani
Col Sambhav Khugshal, CPP, PCI quote icon
The well-articulated course content and personal support from Capt Ajay Pandey made the journey of acquiring CPP Certification smoother and faster. It took me approximately one hundred days in achieving this feet and credit singularly goes to the guidance and motivation by Capt Ajay Pandey. Thank you for everything and it was a privilege to have you as a mentor in this journey
Col Sambhav Khugshal, CPP, PCI image

Col Sambhav Khugshal, CPP, PCI

VP Security - Adani
Col Arindam Chaudhuri, CPP quote icon
It was an enduring experience in which the support from Consultancy Veritas was the guiding light in achieving CPP. The program is very well structured, and the approach is unique which helps one to remain focused. The support is consistence and prompt. Finally, it is the instruction quality that sets the benchmark for this support system for security professional aspirants
Col Arindam Chaudhuri, CPP image

Col Arindam Chaudhuri, CPP

Col Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat, CPP quote icon
I have recently cleared CPP Exam on 12th Jan 2021. I had taken a mentoring program for the same through Consultancy Veritas. The program was conducted by Capt Ajay Pandey (Retd), CPP, PCI, CFE, CATS, who was our mentor for the exam. His guidance & support was instrumental in my journey to clear CPP Exam. I really feel lucky to have taken this program in preparing for CPP Exam… Experience, positivity & knowledge of mentor and course program was a great help in preparing for & passing the exam… I convey my gratitude to Consultancy Veritas & Capt Ajay Pandey (Retd) CPP, PCI, CFE, CATS for guiding me through this journey, I would strongly recommend this program to all aspirants of CPP Exam
Col Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat, CPP image

Col Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat, CPP

Manoj Kumar Sharma quote icon
Thank you for your support & help to guide me achieving gold standard related to Security Domain, would like to express my gratitude towards my trainer & Mentor Capt Ajay (АКР as he is known) for his relentless efforts which helped me to get through, Program design is different & unique in many ways which helps you to understand the in depth details of different subjects which made you to understand & grasp each & every important aspects. Thanks Again for your support & guidance..
Manoj Kumar Sharma image

Manoj Kumar Sharma

Col Faraz Saleem, CPP quote icon
A very well-structured pedagogy and method of preparation. It ensures continuity and assimilation. Coupled with peer learning through fortnightly reviews and contact program, besides learning and guidance provided by the mentor is a certainty towards achieving a successful result. Since the certification is meant for working professionals, ensuring persistence can be challenging, which is overcome by the mentors constant monitoring, the entire effort is a sure shot recipe for success!
Col Faraz Saleem, CPP image

Col Faraz Saleem, CPP